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      Elizabeth speaking on stage

      As I often receive requests for interviews or to speak, those interested may contact me here.

      My intention in sharing my story is not to draw attention or upset anyone. My intention is to share hope - that life can still be amazing, no matter what we've gone through. Hero Bands was started because I wanted to give others hope - to let people know that they aren't alone in their pain, that life can be beautiful even after going through horrible things. These bands give a daily reminder that life is worth living, that we can do hard things and get through hard things, that we are warriors.





      Ed Mylett

      Elizabeth Frazier - Life After Trauma

      The Chalene Show

      From Sex Trafficking Survivor To Hero Mom, Elizabeth Frazier

      Fight The New Drug

      Elizabeth Frazier: Sex Trafficking Survivor, Activist, & Entrepreneur

      Make Yourself

      Make Yourself...Provide Hope

      The Collin Kartchner Podcast

      Interview it Sex Trafficking Victim, Elizabeth

      The Qualified with Ryan Huff

      Over 20 Years in Sex Trafficking. Finding Intimacy, Forgiveness & Strength with Elizabeth Frazier

      The LifeBeats Project

      Free at last: The power of words in healing and how to be a safe haven for others | with Elizabeth Frazier of Hero Bands

      Extraordinary Moms

      Being Your Own Hero with Sex Trafficking Survivor Elizabeth Frazier, founder of Hero Bands

      Spiritually Minded Mom

      From Sex Trafficking Victim To Survivor With Life Full of Love || Elizabeth Frazier