woman wearing hero band

"It is such an honor to be invited into the world and mission of Hero Bands. It is my hope that my works of art will bring light, hope and healing to those who might be struggling in the shadows. As I have forged my way out of the heartache and brokenness of trafficking and torture, I have found there is a resiliency of spirit, mission and purpose of a soul that can transcend the pains of this life. It has been a brutal journey to stay alive and to rediscover who I am, my connection to the Divine and my "Spark." To rediscover I am innocent, worthy and beloved just because I am. It is my mission to help others remember the same and to know there is nothing anyone else can do to them that can take those truths away. Though we may carry scars and debris of abuse and circumstances, we are all worthy and beloved just because we are. The Spark within us cannot be diminished and there is hope beyond circumstance. It is my prayer to help others remember their own Spark that they may boldly live in that eternal and untarnished truth."

Kimberli, Artist
Sex Trafficking Survivor

To learn more about Kimberli's mission, visit The Healing Center for Complex Trauma.


two smiling women wearing hero bands