Our Mission

When I wake up in the morning, I go to my dresser and look at all my Hero Bands. I have 20 or so to choose from. I think about what I need most that day. Sometimes it’s peace. Sometimes it’s strength. Sometimes it’s both, so I wear two. 
Words are very powerful things. They can change our way of thinking, change our views, and change our actions. For good or for bad. Hero Bands are a daily reminder of who we are and who we want to be. 
Our mission is to arm you with strength with words you can see and words you can touch.  To empower others to wake up and be a little better, work a little harder, fight a little longer and ultimately heal.
But that isn't our only mission...
Operation Underground Railroad LogoTwo dollars for every bracelet sold is donated to Operation Underground Railroad (OUR), an organization that rescues children from sex trafficking. We support OUR because of their well-researched and well-executed plans. They work with local law enforcement to not only rescue these children around the world, but to also arrest and convict the perpetrators. They help the children receive the resources they need to recover from the horror they’ve endured. To read more about OUR, check out their website at www.ourrescue.org.
We also send every rescued child a Hero Band stamped with a different word each month in hopes that when they see it, they can remember that they are on the path to healing. Your bracelet purchase makes it possible for us to give these children their bracelets.
If you’d like to purchase a bracelet on your own for a rescued victim of child sex trafficking, click here. We will add your initials to the bracelet so the child will know that there is a specific person on their side during their recovery.
Be someone’s hero. Be your own hero.