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Created by a sex trafficking survivor, Hero Bands are designed to empower those that wear them.

Our mission is to arm you with strength. To remind you of who you really are with words you can see and touch. To empower you to wake up and be a little better, work a little harder, fight a little longer, and ultimately heal.

But that isn't our only mission.

We donate $2 from every item sold to aid in the fight against sex trafficking. So, when you buy from Hero Bands, you’re helping others be free!

Elizabeth Smart Foundation

Elizabeth with Elizabeth Smart

The Elizabeth Smart Foundation exists to bring hope and end the victimization of sexual assault and abuse through prevention, recovery, and advocacy. Hope for families. Peace for victims. Empowerment for all.

This aligns with our mission at Hero Bands so much that we couldn't stand back and not support this foundation. According to their website: 1 in 3 women will be victimized in their lifetime, only 3% of rapists spend a single day in jail, and an American is assaulted every 73 seconds.

In 2020, they also created the We Believe You campaign and fund, which helps advocate for survivors of sexual assault and trafficking and provides funds for their recovery. 

I am excited and honored to partner with Elizabeth Smart. I've seen firsthand her integrity, protection of survivors, and passion behind what she does. Purchasing from Hero Bands will not only help with trafficking awareness, but sexual assault in its many other forms.