Custom Band: 1 Line

Custom Band: 1 Line
Our custom bands can be used for everyone. From sports teams to support bands. Our custom bands have been made for loved ones struggling with cancer. They've been made for Ragnar teams. They've been made for wedding parties. That's what makes these great. They can be completely personal for what means something to you.
Our custom bands can fit up to 3 lines on the metal. 
When checking out, please select the font you would like to use. The fonts are pictured to the right.  Simply click on the picture with the letter examples to see what you'd like best. Each font has a maximum amount of characters than can fit across the band. Make sure that your custom word can fit with the font you choose or we will be unable to create your band.
1. 6 characters maximum, 2 line maximum
2. 5 characters maximum, 1 line maximum
3. 8 characters maximum, 2 line maximum
4. 10 characters maximum, 3 line maximum
5. 6 characters maximum, 2 line maximum
*Please note! Spaces count at as a character.  If you have more then one word, you need to count the space as a letter. If you request something that doesn't fit, we will decide what lettering to use*
$ 29.99