Single Round Disk Keychain

Single Round Disk Keychain

Our hand-crafted keychains are designed to uplift and empower. To give you words you can see and words you can touch. To remind you to wake up each day with purpose.

$2 of every item sold goes to O.U.R. - a charity that rescues kids from sex trafficking. So when you buy anything from Hero Bands, you're helping others to be free.

Disc Keychain Options

- Keychains are available in aluminum or brass, with small or large size discs.
- The text on the keychains is fully customizable, with small discs allowing a maximum of 25 characters and large discs allowing a maximum of 45 characters.
*NOTE: Spaces count as a character.  If you have more than one word, you need to count the space as a letter. If you request something that doesn't fit, we will decide what lettering to use*

Font Options

$ 12.99